Bending machine choice and system description

CNC bending machines and bending machines as a whole, its precision and the die should consider how these two aspects? In addition, for the NC system for bending machine, the General will use what is it? All these problems, are bending machines, also is about to go, and hope to give you some useful, so that we can progress.
bending machines, and CNC bending machines, considered in its accuracy and die:
(1) accuracy, its mainly refer to the bending precision, this is very important because it determines whether CNC or manually. Generally, the bending accuracy up to ± 1 °, and can not be changed, the magistrates or CNC bending machine.
(2) in terms of mold, conventional mold, its deviation is ± 0.001 inches per foot, its total length is less than ± 0.005 inch. For grinding mould, the dimension is more demanding, is 0.0004 and 0.002. So, grinding tooling, CNC bending machine is appropriate. Conventional mold, is used for manual bending machine is appropriate.
NC system for bending machine, generally speaking, is used to the E200, DA41, DA51, DA53, DA56, DA65 and DA66.