CNC turret punch press knowledge should know?

CNC turret punch, this product, so far, we still have a lot of places are not familiar with and understand, therefore we're going to add, making this study to the full and complete, without any omissions. So, without further ADO, little prepared to proceed.
CNC turret punch, it is a machine, its composition, mainly computer-control systems, power systems, servo-feeder, tooling systems and programming systems. Its processing, is done automatically, enabling automated processing.
deep throat in the CNC turret punch press, which mainly refers to the press centre and the distance between the bed side panel, its size will affect the size of materials, especially with regard to width.
CNC turret punch rotating station wear too quickly, this is one of the frequently asked questions, the main reason, are as follows:
reason:-position rotating too often, collision or equipment problems.
two reasons: the rotor itself has a quality problem.