CNC turret punching machine for safe operation added

CNC turret punch, its safety procedures has been in the front, so small today to provide additional information, or additional knowledge content, more thorough and comprehensive so that everyone can understand, not to leave out all content, learning is more comprehensive.
CNC turret punching machine for safe operation, we should also be aware of the following, in order:
(1) on the device control device, stack and its safety protection devices is not, because it will affect the security of equipment.
(2) on the device connecting parts, transmission parts, parts of the protective device and lubrication, regular or periodic checks, solid and reliable, or whether there are other problems that should be resolved in a timely manner.
(3) official before the commissioning of the equipment is necessary, you can check whether their controls are flexible and reliable, if there is any problem can be found in a timely manner, so as not to affect their work.
(4), the die should be properly installed and in place of it, enabling it to maintain a good working condition.
(5) the equipment before starting the lubrication is essential, cannot be careless treatment.
(6) if it is to carry out specific processing, you should use special tools for, not directly by hand.