Discussion on safe operation of hydraulic swing beam shear

hydraulic pendulum type cut Board machine, for this a products, today we not to explained its operation, and the maintenance maintenance,, but focuses on its addition a aspects, is its security operation this a knowledge points, to let everyone can from get himself wants to of, and can learn to some on himself useful of knowledge content, such on can better to expand on products of learning, and can from benefited has.
hydraulic swing beam shear safety rules, its main contents are:
(1) actions related to its staff, machines and equipment are very familiar with and understand it, you cannot operate the equipment so as not to damage.
(2) when the machine is working, the operator can't do something dangerous in the event of danger or accident.
(3), the Workbench, put debris is strictly prohibited and other tools, so as not to make the device has a problem or accident.
(4) on the blade should be checked on a regular basis, if dull, then repair or replacement in a timely manner.
(5) in its return cylinder cannot be filled with flammable gas. The inflation pressure, should be 7.5MPa.
(6) devices run before the load test is necessary, must not be ignored.
(7) during the operation of equipment, such as abnormal should stop operations immediately.