How folding arc bending machine? The y stand for?

Bending machine, this product is a place in the section of the Web site, so our learning and understanding can not be careless, or unable to understand the major categories of products. However, in addition to the relevant knowledge, related issues should not be neglected, because this part is quite important, so here's a specific, hoping to give you some useful, everyone benefits.
1. how to fold in the bending machine to radians?
folding arc in the bending machine, if there is no arc knife, you can use die-cut small molds, first draw a good line, in accordance with an underscore to fold so you can break out of the arc. When there is no mold, so can be, is a little more complicated. First calculate the workpiece's arc length, chord, ARC Central angle and high, and then, based on these data for equal parts dash, while controlling travel and pressure and so on, so that you can fold from both ends of the arc to back-arc high, so as to produce an arc.
2. What does y in the bending machine?
y in the bending machine, if it is in the model, then refers to hydraulic, its hydraulic bending machines. But if it is a bend in the system, it refers to the y axis.