How to extend the life of hydraulic shears?

Hydraulic shearing machine which shears in a while on the site, but also one of its products. So, learning and knowledge of it is not sloppy, otherwise it will affect our overall understanding of the product. In that case, then, small at the front on the basis of existing, and to continue to explain it so that everyone can continue to learn, so this product in more depth and breadth.
shearing machine, how we do it, you can extend its life? It is of interest to you, so the following small series to give a specific answer.
How to prolong the service life of the shearing machine, we can do it:
(1) shearing machine oil, should maintain an appropriate viscosity, can not be too large or too small. Too much, it would increase the resistance in the pipe, thus energy losses, resulting losses. But its viscosity is small, and the lubrication of the equipment will be affected, so the right to just go.
(2) keep the device clean and clean, no dust, dirt, and so on, should be promptly removed.
(3) its easy to rust or exposed parts are rust-proof measures, so as to avoid its rusted.