Introduction to mechanical shearing machine safe operation of this content

operation and maintenance of mechanical shearing machine, the two earlier, so there is no need for us to learn and understand, and safe operation of this aspect has not, so the following small series to talk about this aspect of some content, so we hope to benefit from, so that you can better understand the product.
-shears-safety operations, its main contents are:
(1), operate mechanical shearing machine, you shall comply with all safety regulations.
(2) when the machine is turned, the operations staff must not touch the rotating parts, because it is very dangerous.
(3) the operator cannot operate below the turret, cannot stand equipment within hazardous areas.
(4) machinery and equipment before starting, cannot be allowed to stand under the side or head.
(5) If you want to shear the blade gap adjustment, then turn off the motor, then.
(6) in operation if there are any, should be immediately shut down, and wait for the problem to be able to continue to use it.
(7) operate multiple people at the same time, you should make sure there is no danger, was able to step on the foot pedal or press the button to ensure safety.