Mechanical shearing machine, how to maintain it?

mechanical shearing machine this commonly used shearing machine, how much understanding do we have? Very familiar with and understand it? This is all of the care and attention, so for us, particularly learners, it is necessary to understand it, is not vague, so, in order to be able to make early work, small series and as soon as, hope to make learning more effective.
mechanical shearing machine, its structure and open gear of the clutch drive is used, bin adopted all-steel welded structure, so its easy, wide application range.
How to maintain it? For this issue, we should do it:
(1) actions that should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, so as not to damage the device.
(2), the equipment should be kept clean, only some of its parts with anti-rust treatment.
(3), the used lubricant should be changed regularly to ensure the quality of the oil.
(4) for some components must be checked regularly, including belts, handles and buttons and so on, if there is excessive wear should be replaced immediately.
(5) equipment after use, cleaning, finishing work should be carried out promptly.