Several problems on professional shears

Shearing machine, the study and understanding of this product, is the main task and content, because we have not yet reached complete this degree, so this work is not over yet. So, if a request in the article start, so without further ADO, immediately, hoping to have some help and inspiration to everyone
1. plate shearing machine, whether it is cut wider, more effort is the shear it?
replied: this is not entirely correct, shear, shear angle is the bigger the better, but only in the allowable range. Because, if the angle is too large, then it will make the cylinder or cylinder stroke is too big, it will cause problems. Therefore, it is not unlimited, the bigger the better.
2. cutting in machining space, what does it mean?
a: cutting in machining space, which mainly refers to the cutting, so there is a formula, is as follows:
= part +2x shear shearing spacing allowances