Shear failure analysis and its main system description

CNC cutting machine and cutting machine, which is related to the product, but also for all of us to learn. But, today it's time to update, so here, take advantage of this great opportunity, to explain some new knowledge in this area, so that we can then forward existing continues thus to enhance their awareness of and increase knowledge in this area.
1. CNC shearing machine, used to fix objects Springs can't play, what are the reasons?
a: CNC cutting machines used to fix objects Springs can't play, whose main reason was mainly caused by presser foot is broken.
2. at present, what are the mainstream system of shearing machine?
a: for now, shearing machine, digital systems are mainly E21S systems, numerical control systems DAC310 and DAC360 both.
3. CNC shearing machine do not cut what is the reason?
a: CNC cutting machines don't cut it, it may be stuck inside the machine overflow valve when cleaning and cleaning should be carried out.