Shearing machine how to use? It should pay attention to?

for our part, shear safety rules has been through the preceding article for the, so on that basis, here to talk about its use and attention these two points, because the content is related to its operations, it is also necessary for us to know and master, otherwise it cannot be good to use this equipment. In this case, small series no more say, to specific content.
shearing machines and notice of the application, its main contents are:
(1) shear machine in front of the work, the lubrication it is essential, and to lubricate it, to avoid problems at run time.
(2) its use of hydraulic oil should be kept clean, there must be no impurities, so to filter it. Moreover, appropriate hydraulic oil should be used in different seasons.
(3) gaps between the scissors up and down should be appropriate, if not should be adjusted in a timely manner, so as not to affect the shear effect and quality.
(4), the material to be cut, should be within the range shears can bear.
(5) when there are foreign bodies falling into the machine, but also affects the equipment worked, so should be immediately shut down, so as to avoid serious consequences.
(6) shearing machines work, some of its parts cannot be adjusted.
(7) continuous use, so the fuel tank oil liquid temperature must not exceed 60 c to prevent overheating of the machine.


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