Specific knowledge about hydraulic plate bending machine safe operation

hydraulic sheet bending machines, today for the study, we will focus on its security procedures on the knowledge elements, because the front or not, so you need to seriously and study hard, to master and apply in a timely manner, so as to play its role and make the learning more meaningful and value, or make themselves more benefits.
hydraulic plate bending machine for safe operation, the main contents are:
(1), its operator, should undergo a rigorous training and examination and pass the examination before they can post or not.
(2) machinery and equipment to be kept clean and tidy, the lubrication to maintain good, regularly check the amount of oil in the tank, add a fuel shortage.
(3) of the bending strength of the workpiece should note cannot be greater than the nominal pressure of the equipment, the die should be appropriate and moderate size, there must be no deviation.
(4) to bend sheet metal, should be placed in the middle part of the bending machine, not bending load on the machine side, so as not to affect the workpiece bending effects, as well as the accuracy of bending.