Talk about the angle cut machine operation and maintenance

Angle shearing machine, this machine, it can be said it is cutting machines, a, and one of the Web site. So, based on the above two points, their learning is imperative, not take and treat. So, here's to make some free time, just to explain it, mainly the main points of operation and maintenance of this knowledge, I hope you had time to master.
angle cut machine operation and maintenance, its main contents are:
(1) operator, dealing with various aspects of the machinery and equipment is very familiar with and understand, so as not to blind operation and damage to the device.
(2), equipment should be kept clean and tidy inside and outside, there should be promptly cleaned of dust and dirt. In addition, it cannot have rust problems.
(3) equipment in the electrical box, daily cleaning. With blades, lubrication and maintenance every day. The oil level in the tank to check every day, volume should be added in time. BACK PAGE