Customer service

Distinguished clients: Hello,
hung aircraft limited products in Yunnan would like to extend our gratitude! In order to protect your legal rights, remove your worries, Hung aircraft limited in Yunnan to make you the following products standard warranty service commitment in China and Germany, and according to this, you need to provide you with:
1, the company strictly according to national standard, the contract and the technical specifications required to choose the best scheme, and keep track of process quality surveillance, inspection, to ensure product quality.
2 build user service technology profile (we would input the related information into product database, users have access to the correct "product number" carry out online query) for after-sale service. The company in accordance with customer requirements, choose the best technical solutions and equipment to ensure reliable quality, good performance and reasonable price to meet customers requirements.
3, the company's products, one year from the date of purchase (with), the company offers you a free onsite service. After the warranty expires, will provide lifetime maintenance, as appropriate, will charge a maintenance fee.
4, where my company sells products to provide users with product manual, product certificates, packing lists and related technical information, and free for the user operator training time, unlimited number of.
5, not part of the warranty obligations:
the following is the case of the product failure or damage, whether or not free of charge within the warranty period are not covered by the warranty.
this products of machine or parts has beyond warranty period;
this products not by using manual requirements, errors installation, and using, and maintenance, and custody caused of fault or damaged;
certification service institutions, and personnel installation, and repair, and change or demolition caused of fault or damaged;
for using non-hung fly parts led to of fault or damaged;
for natural disasters, force majeure (as earthquake, and fire, and lifting Shi broke,) reasons caused of fault or damaged;
Other non-product design, technology, manufacturing, failure or damage caused by quality problems.
6, service support system:
in addition to this document to the Yunnan Hong aircraft limited commitment of warranty services, Yunnan hung aircraft limited service can also support systems, beds of acquiring Yunnan Hong limited company to provide you with service information: