QC11KQ-6x2500 CNC front feeding shears

QC11KQ-6x2500 CNC front feeding shears 

  performance features
hosts a QC11Y series shearing machine.
completed with Netherlands DELEM or Switzerland CYBELEC special computer components such as servo motor adopts imported.

computer to the stopper servo control, using ball screw drive with high precision.

the compensation of CNC system function and many additional functions such as automatic, can accurately ensure the precision sheet metal shear.

supporting ball rolling device to reduce friction at the same time, you can also keep the workpiece surface is not scratched.

OC11KQ series cut Board machine used super long sent material Taiwan, overall processing, and heat treatment elimination within stress, has strong rigid and overall sex; used ball silk rod, scroll guide movement flexible reliable; elimination long Board deflection; table Shang used hair brush supporting material, noise low; pneumatic clip clamp in big table Shang, vertical Hou by system; can scheduled data, automatically sent material continuous shear.

CNC shearing machine adopts budget dedicated computer, NC.
after the optional pneumatic holding device or transmission system.